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16 February 2011 @ 05:05 pm
The Kingdom of "I"  
-- live in the kingdom of "I".

There are I's of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are tall, some are short. Some have long hair, some have short hair. Some have light colored-hair, some have dark-colored-hair. Some are happy, some are sad. There are I's that laugh, there are I's that scream, there are I's that yell, and there are I's that are mean. There are pretty I's, not-so pretty I's, trying to be pretty I's, and never-pretty I's. There are the "I look so fat" and the "I want this". There are the "I need to have" and the "I love need have should this".

They are all I's in the kingdom of "I".

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is always I.

In the kingdom of "I", all I's are busy. They are dedicated to one or many things. Most of the times, they are dedicated to the green "It". The fast "It", the honorable "It", the pleasurable "It". There are many "Its" in the kingdom of "I's" and they are almost the majority. "Its" are more formidable than "I"'s for some last longer than others.

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I.

In the kingdom of "I", the I's are all deaf. They are not mute but to communicate they use themselves and their hands. The proper way to carry on a conversation is to point. Raise the index finger and point. Write down words and use the stub of the pencil to point. Sometimes they do it vigorously and sometimes they do it obscenely. It has never let them down yet.

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is always I.

It could be other "I"'s or occasionally a "You" or "He/She". But no one talks about those. The You's and the He/She's are occasionally seen, more by the I's than the It's. To the I's, there are the "You are wrong" and the "You are pathetic". To the I's, there are "You do this" and the "You can fuck yourself". To the I's there are the "She is disgusting" and "He is an asshole". To the I's there are "She is a whore" and "He is an idiot". I's do not describe themselves as such because I's do not have such a thing for I's.

As I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is fucking I.

You. Me. We. Live in the kingdom of "I".

You. Me. We. Need to get the fuck out.
.redhour on March 13th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
As you may or may not know, I created and previously moderated hotlikefiree but have since passed it down to someone else. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I've opened a new community chicswank. I wanted to comment sooner but did not have the time until now.

If you liked my work I hope to see you join chicswank as well. There are several other makers, too! If you're not interested I apologize for spamming you.