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16 February 2011 @ 05:05 pm
-- live in the kingdom of "I".

There are I's of all kinds of shapes and sizes. Some are tall, some are short. Some have long hair, some have short hair. Some have light colored-hair, some have dark-colored-hair. Some are happy, some are sad. There are I's that laugh, there are I's that scream, there are I's that yell, and there are I's that are mean. There are pretty I's, not-so pretty I's, trying to be pretty I's, and never-pretty I's. There are the "I look so fat" and the "I want this". There are the "I need to have" and the "I love need have should this".

They are all I's in the kingdom of "I".

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is always I.

In the kingdom of "I", all I's are busy. They are dedicated to one or many things. Most of the times, they are dedicated to the green "It". The fast "It", the honorable "It", the pleasurable "It". There are many "Its" in the kingdom of "I's" and they are almost the majority. "Its" are more formidable than "I"'s for some last longer than others.

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I.

In the kingdom of "I", the I's are all deaf. They are not mute but to communicate they use themselves and their hands. The proper way to carry on a conversation is to point. Raise the index finger and point. Write down words and use the stub of the pencil to point. Sometimes they do it vigorously and sometimes they do it obscenely. It has never let them down yet.

I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is always I.

It could be other "I"'s or occasionally a "You" or "He/She". But no one talks about those. The You's and the He/She's are occasionally seen, more by the I's than the It's. To the I's, there are the "You are wrong" and the "You are pathetic". To the I's, there are "You do this" and the "You can fuck yourself". To the I's there are the "She is disgusting" and "He is an asshole". To the I's there are "She is a whore" and "He is an idiot". I's do not describe themselves as such because I's do not have such a thing for I's.

As I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is I is fucking I.

You. Me. We. Live in the kingdom of "I".

You. Me. We. Need to get the fuck out.
Tumblr, how the hell do you know that I have to cram for this paper and so shutdown on me. How, how, why?

Whenever I find a really good song, or this case being introduced to one, there's a certain dread that comes with it as I press the play button repeatedly or set it to repeat a thousand times. It's such a good song but only at the time, since it wears off later and I am totally uninterested in it.

Current song list of victims aka the Arthur/Eames playlist:

-- Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Say Goodnight - Little Children Jump
Sway - The Kooks
-- You Only Live Once - The Strokes
-- Aren't we all running? - 65days of static
-- Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

Yes, I'm trying to school myself in talking about something else than the typical writing musings but at the same time I wonder if this is some kind of euphemism about if I was the relationship type. Oh what short relationships they will be. Filled with broken hearts and broken plates, people stepping in the shards and going how the hell did I get here.

(Can't you tell, I'm secretly a romantic.)

Today is Monday, it is the 6th of December and I am fully awake at 7AM in the morning, housesitting a house that is not mine and taking care of children that are skeptical of the newly turned twenty-two year old me.

In other words, relax.Collapse )
Current Music: Say Goodnight -- Little Children Jump
Finally found links to HBO's The Pacific!

Slightly wary that it's not Band of Brothers, but it's the same producers, hopefully it's same quality. I'm sure it is, I'm just more in love with the other cast (c'mon now, no more Doctor Roe?).

Other than that, looking forward to two weeks of hell, finals, and hell.

Look on the bright side, at least I got another year on my back to help me through it (though what exactly that helps me with, god knows).

An Arthur a day, never hurts anyone, okay? :|
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25 November 2010 @ 03:37 pm
Oh, man where to start.

First, Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it.

Then apologies usually come out to be the best, not to anyone personally but to Livejournal. Then again it's just an inanimate thing that has a million other users to use and abuse it while it pretty much ignores those that have gone to the el cheapo side (a.k.a. Dark Side/Insanejournal) and abuse things there. Or you know, the types that are usually on here for "the moment" kind, (aka World Cup Hijinks).

Yes, the above was just written so I could post something here.

Livejournal, I love you, I really do for old time's sake, but compared to a hundred icons over thar?

Baby, step it up.

Serious Things to Do and Accomplish, Writing-Wise (Okay So Pseudo-Serious)Collapse )

In other news, Thanksgiving is Not A Big Deal this year. I am thankful for that.

What I am not thankful for is three eight paged research papers to do before semester ends.

See you in three more months, ElJay. ♥
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28 June 2010 @ 01:43 am
Now I'm feeling more of the heartbreak for England's loss and that controversial goal call, so I made some icons of England's vice-captain, the one and only, Frank Lampard.

[14] Frank Lampard icons

I'll always rememberCollapse )
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22 July 2007 @ 12:22 am

Because no one wants to see a circus freak gone wild loose on LJ.

I am the James Purefoy of Livejournal.
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29 April 2007 @ 04:55 pm
Just for my own sake in keeping track and to take that huge chunk off my profile.


NarutoCollapse )

BleachCollapse )

OthersCollapse )

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12 July 2006 @ 08:36 pm
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If there are any questions re: my icons or anything else in general, you can leave a comment here.
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